Oranges - Valencia - South Africa
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Oranges - Valencia - South Africa

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Known as the “Ultimate Juicer”, these late season Oranges are heavy with juice and have a sweet, delicate texture. Valencia Oranges are great choices for both eating and juicing.

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Nutrient One Orange-%Daily Value
vitamin c 116.10%
fiber 12.50%
folate 9.80%
vitamin B1 7.30%
potassium 6.70%
vitamin A 5.80%
calcium 5.20%
calories (61) 3%

  • The strong content of Vitamin C stimulates white cells to fight against infection, naturally helps to build a good immune system.
  • It controls high Blood Pressure.
  • The anti-oxidants helps to protect skin.
  • Oranges are high in Vitamin C which helps to reduce the incidence of Peptic Ulcers and Stomach Cancer.
  • Regular consumption of Vitamin C,retards the hardening of Arteries.
  • The anti-oxidants protects sperm from genetic damage that may cause birth defects.
Sathukudi / Mausambi
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Rs.45.00 / 500 gms